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Forward – Your Opportunities within Bertelsmann

Your path at Bertelsmann: FORWARD

A world of possibilities – multifaceted and cross-divisional

Bertelsmann is a media, services and education company with eight divisions and some 117,000 employees worldwide. We are a huge and diverse Group – which is precisely why Bertelsmann has so many opportunities to offer you for further development, allowing you to forge your own unique path. From internal job board to networking, exchange initiative and further training opportunities – there are countless ways for you to take that next step. And no matter what you do, it’ll bring you FORWARD.

The opportunities at Bertelsmann are as varied as Bertelsmann itself. Make new contacts at your company during lunch. Get training for upcoming projects in your business unit. Switch to exciting new jobs, across divisions. Or learn about another workplace within the Group for up to three months.

FORWARD helps you take advantage of the opportunities available to you. It’s not a program with a set process or end date. Instead, it is more of a guidepost that shows you what’s possible at Bertelsmann. We offer paths and orientation to bring you FORWARD faster. From the big to the small, offline and online, from offerings by the company to initiatives by employees themselves. Discover the range of possibilities. Forge your own unique path.

Your facilitator

Find the right person in every division

There is a contact person for most initiatives and offers who can answer all your concrete questions.

However, if you are looking for a contact in your division or another division, you can find it here. The ten HR experts have a cross-divisional perspective and will be happy to help you personally or put you in touch with the right person.

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